Digital signages Vs Traditional signages

Digital Signages

  • A silent salesman that can serve lots of products when you are busy with another customers with great offers.
  • Attract attentions easily with bright screens and motions capabilities, that mean “Digital signages” attract “Peoples attention”.
  • you can change at any time as per as your requirement with your offers, products, your “Brand”. It means “Endless signs” you have every-time when you need.
  • Digital signs connect you directly without any boundation with Internet and Social media platforms. such like as Facebook, twitter , you tube, etc.
  • Reduce long term cost, first time cost may be higher then traditional signage boards, but the cost to update and run one are minimal.

Traditional Signages

  • One time serving capacity of some of products, after that they were “Dead/scrap”.
  • No maintenance with “Traditional signage’s”. Once you made “Traditional signage’s”, fix them and enjoy them. But when you need another changes, you have to destroy them and completely change them.
  • Cheap rate & lots of shape, these signs are available in all types of shapes and sizes as per your requirement, and the costs of signage’s are very cheap.
  • Interior & Exterior, traditional signage’s are perfect for the exterior of business, because the have no wires to hang them.
  • After the installation you have to change it completely as per your fresh requirement.
  • Costly then “Digital signage’s”, in long run its more expensive then “Digital Signage’s” through the initial cost is so cheap.

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