21st June 2019


Digital menu board with videos.
  1. Unlimited content library:- Yes its unlimited content you can upload your Ads via using our hardware and software. Now you have not to wait for printing.
  2. Drag, drop and apply playlist creator:- User friendly , very easy to post with your creativity.
  3. Preview:- Content preview before to publish.
  4. Brand yourself:- Branding features with your own logo. Publish your logo in between of your audience with creative messages or with offers.
  5. Free updates:- yes its free, whenever new update releases. you don’t have to pay for new release updates.
  6. video walls:- You can create very smart and delicate video walls of your brands, events, or memories etc etc,
  7. Google sheets:- Supports google sheets as same as power-point presentation files.
  8. Google slides:- Support google slides also.
  9. Live Contents:- Play you tube while your Ads running or you can play live contents via internet.
  10. Weather App:- you can update weather report also via using our Elite digital signage software and hardware.
  11. Social Network:- you can approach your customers with Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and as per as your requirement.
  12. More and more. 🙂