21st June 2019


  1.  General Questions
  2.  Hardware (Players and Monitors)
  3.  Sale Playbox
  4.  Sale Playbox Specs
  5.  Features
  6.  Advanced Features (tech-stuff)
  7.  Pricing

General Questions

What does Salebox allow me to show on my monitors?

Salebox can display a composition of videos, images, documents, online web pages and widgets.

Why not using the USB media player feature of my TV or my Smart TV?

Because it sucks. Really.

What are the requirements for using the salebox?

You need Internet access and a Salebox-supported playback device.

Do I need any special skills to use Salebox or install the Sale Playbox?

Absolutely not! Salebox was designed from scratch so that anyone can use it.

How many monitors does the Salebox support per account?

You can have any number of monitors you need.

Hardware (Players and Monitors)

What hardware does Salebox support for playback?

Need to add details

What TVs or monitors does Salebox Support?

Salebox software supports any type of monitor, of any resolution.

Sale Playbox

What is Sale Playbox?

The Sale Playbox is our own plug-and-play Player, based on the popular with powerful Android OS and High-performance Amlogic Quad Core Cortex CPU

How do I order the Sale Playbox?

Sign in to the Salebox service and from the top-right menu select “Buy Sale Playbox”.

Do I need to get a sale Playbox to use Salebox?

No. But why not?

What if Sale Playbox fails?

There is a limited worldwide warranty of 2 year on Sale Playbox.

Sale Playbox Specs

Raspberry Pi 3 Model B Specs

The latest version of the Raspberry Pi, featuring a quad-core 1.2GHz ARMv8 CPU.

SD Card

We provide an 8GB Class 10 SD card, ready to boot.

Power Supply

We include a power supply, with a suitable plug for your region.

HDMI Cable

We include a standard HDMI cable (male-to-male), rated for 1920×1080 resolution. It also works for 4K@24Hz.


How do I set what gets displayed?

Within Salebox, there are 4 simple concepts: Media, Playlists, Widgets and Shows.

How do I set when things get displayed?

Beyond the default show assigned to each device, you can also assign it a single Schedule.

Advanced Features (tech-stuff)

Does Salebox support connecting through a HTTP Proxy?


Does Salebox support connecting through a WiFi network?


Does Salebox support connecting through a cellular/mobile network?

Yes, by using a USB dongle.

Does Salebox support using a static IP?



Are there any alternative ways for payment besides a credit card?

For Annual subscriptions, we also accept wire transfers.

What is a registered monitor?

It is a monitor that you can use.

Salebox is a next-generation digital signage service, born and raised on the Cloud.

It comes with all the hardware and software needed so you can instantly get started designing, scheduling and managing your displays with the minimum of fuss.