Benefits Of Digital Cloud Signage in Hospitality Industry

Digital cloud signage has many benefits for hotels and guests. It enables access to timely and relevant information that enhances the overall guest experience. Guests putting up in hotels often look for personalized services and information that may not instantly be available. You can send quick information to your guests about the offerings of your hotel with the help of display boards.  There are a variety of ways in which digital signage is transforming the hotel guest experience, including several that are outlined below.

Promote Offerings. Inform your guests about package deals, specials, and promotions. Modify this content to keep it fresh around the clock and suit the needs of your guests. Even use the space as an additional ROI with external business affiliates.

Generate a profit stream by selling advertising. Digital cloud signage can be used to display advertising for business that are local, regional or national. Transportation, restaurants, spas and other organizations can purchase advertising space that can run on hotel signage. Some hotels have elected to sell sponsorship space on their displays, showing particular ads on a recurring basis over time. For instance, some hotels allow a business to sponsor the hotel restaurant’s menu. The menu will be displayed and the business can have a portion of the screen for their advertisement.

Answer Relevant Questions. Assist guests in finding answers to their frequently asked questions. Use the digital screens inside their rooms to provide information to their queries such as breakfast schedules, hotel spa fees, and services, and a lot more.

Hotel Amenities. Encourage guests to explore and visit other areas in the hotel like fitness centers, bars, gift shops, spas, vending machines, and conference rooms.

Way finding Assistance. Most hotel guests usually turn to hotel staff to ask for directions. Interactive maps can provide guests ease of navigation especially in large hotel chains or interconnected properties.

way finding Digital Cloud Displays makes your way easier
Hotel way finding Solution

To keep guests informed. You can send quick information to your guests about the offerings of your hotel with the help of display boards. Whether it is the check in and checkout schedules, timing of restaurants, location of the gym and pool, all the details can be updated on the displays for the guests. There are a set of commonly asked questions guests often ask. The digital boards can be used for this purpose too. You can also inform your guests about services that you charge more for, like laundry and massage services.You can also send them quick information about the happening of the outside world. Connect your media player to the lobby signage so that the updates are generated automatically. News feeds, weather updates, stock exchange status, all such information can be sent easily to the guests via digital display boards. Local information and alerts can also be generated.

Digital signs work best in waiting areas and locations with high foot-traffic such as spaces near:

  • Service Desks
  • Elevators
  • Taxi or Valet Waiting Area
  • Gift Shops
  • Exits to Beach
  • Exits to Sky Lifts

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